3 May, 2021

Catalyst GEM Launches as The Next Evolution of International Student Recruitment

New Ed Tech company offers education industry an always-connected platform transforming the international student recruiting process.


FORTLAUDERDALE, Fl. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Catalyst GEM today announced its new business entrance into the higher education market with its technology-based platform which enables educational institutions to reach a growing global market of qualified students more efficiently.

The need for international student recruitment has become more urgent in the US. as domestic enrollment has been in decline since 2011.   “We are excited to launch this platform during a crucial time when the majority of US colleges and universities are experiencing a significant decline in overall enrollment,” says John Evans, Founder and CEO of Catalyst GEM.  “While educational institutions across the board are looking for ways to grow enrollment, attracting students from overseas has been under-explored due to its typically cumbersome and cost-prohibitive nature.”

Catalyst GEM will support international students and professionals who are seeking higher studies with an overseas institution, either on a campus or online.  Global expenditure on education is set to reach $10 trillion by 2030, creating an additional 800M high school graduates and 150M university graduates.  This is projected to generate demand from 7 million international students seeking to study overseas.  Global expenditure on online education will exceed $300 billion by 2025, accelerated further by the recent pandemic. 

Prior to COVID-19 domestic enrollment in the USA had declined by 2.5 million students since 2011.  COVID-19 had created further financial hardship for institutions who now need student and financial diversity more than ever. 

John Evans, Founder and CEO of Catalyst GEM commented, “While the US remains the number one destination for international students, it has suffered a decline in recent years.  There is renewed optimism among the higher education community that market conditions will now improve as we put COVID and other challenges in the rear view mirror.  Catalyst GEM will provide our clients with access to global markets and qualified, verified international applicants.  Our platform will simplify the process for institutions and international students.”

Catalyst GEM brings breadth and depth in international education marketplace with a diverse group of individuals with extensive experience and expertise in higher education, technology, and global markets.  Team members have spent their careers scaling domestic and international enrollment for higher education clients and employers.

This experience and expertise allow us to fully understand institution and international student needs and the challenges they are facing We are able to plan and build technological solutions to address these needs.” commented Ryan Southgate, Chief Technology Officer. 

Catalyst GEM’s platform has launched featuring 90 institutions from the USA, Canada, UK and select other countries with a total offering of over 6,000 programs.  Access to the platform for international students is free and provides them with a secure environment to share sensitive documents and track and manage their applications.  Institutions do not to pay up front fees to be featured on the platform.

Paul Antonevich, Chief Marketing Officer commented “We look forward to expanding our network of institutional clients and destinations.  Our goal is to ensure international students have the very best choices available to match their academic strengths, career goals and budget.   Our platform removes much of the traditional cost associated with the international admissions process.”



Paul Antonevich

Chief Marketing Officer
Catalyst GEM


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