Do universities in the USA offer scholarships?

Yes.  Many universities provide international students with scholarships to support tuition fees.  These are generally merit based tied to academic scores, sporting talent or artistic talent.

Can I apply for permanent residence on a student visa?

No. An F-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa.  Students who obtain an employer sponsor during the 3-year post-study work period, may have a pathway to permanent residence with a H1B work visa.

What are the best career opportunities for international students in the USA?

STEM certified programs provide international students with the maximum work authorization of 3 years post-study work.  The US is set to create millions of new STEM jobs in the next decade, and international students will fill many of these posts.

Can I work during my studies in the USA?

The F-1 student visa provides authorization for international students to work during their studies.  This includes on-campus jobs, internships, and Curricula Practical Training (CPT).

What is the value of a US degree internationally?

US education is recognized globally for being the highest in quality and is the #1 destination for international students.  The US has over 5,000 colleges and universities of which 50 feature in the top 100 world rankings.