The Next Evolution of International Student Recruitment

Catalyst GEM is an always connected platform transforming the international student recruiting process by automating tedious tasks and increasing reach through a global education marketplace.

Global Education Marketplace

The Catalyst GEM Solution

Institutions are needing enrollment and revenue diversity more than ever.  Catalyst GEM provides access to global markets and qualified applicants for our clients.


Global Market Access

Reach qualified applicants who are seeking institutions which meet your profile.


Our Expertise

Our team has a proven track record in scaling global enrollment for institutions.


Simplified by Technology

We embrace technology to create a more efficient, transparent and data driven admissions process.

COVID has forced many institutions to decrease or eliminate their international admissions departments. However, accessing global markets to increase enrollment and revenue diversity is more critical than ever. Does your institution have a new plan?

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Achieve Your Goals

Meet your institution enrollment and revenue objectives.

  • Global Market Access. Provide your institution with access to global markets and qualified candidates.
  • No Risk. Institutions pay based on enrollment success.
  • Improve Decision Making. We provide valuable data and reporting to help your team drive better results.
  • Increase Quality. Receive applications from qualified candidates searching for institutions that fit your profile.
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Simplicity Through Technology

Our platform leverages technology to help create a more simplified and transparent admissions process for students and institutions.

  • Search and find programs and institutions that meet your criteria.
  • Complete applications from your desktop or mobile phone.
  • 24/7 platform access to track applications and receive updates.
  • Access a content library of instructional videos, sample documents and institutional information.
  • Our platform increases self-sufficiency for international students to complete the admissions and visa process.

By 2030 there will be an additional 800M high school graduates and 150M college graduates. The global study abroad market will increase to $450BN+. Does your institution have a plan?

How it works

Delivering Qualified Applicants

The Catalyst GEM platform handles the majority of the workload so you don’t have to

Candidate uses our searchable database to identify suitable programs.
Candidate (or agent) uploads applicant admission documentation.
Application is verified and submitted to educational institution.
Automatic notifications are triggered as application updates are received.
Our team monitors document management process to ensure minimum processing performance standards are achieved.

Hiring in-house international expertise can be expensive. Most institutions have reduced and not increased their international budget. Would you like to work with a team that has spent their careers scaling global enrollment and helping institutions meet their goals?

Gain Access To Leading Institutions

Diversify Revenues and Enrollments

with the Catalyst GEM Platform

We’ve modernized global student recruiting with a cloud based solution