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We work with a global network of education consultants, language centers, high schools, universities, teachers, and counselors to support international students navigate the process to study abroad.  Our technology helps simplify the process for all.


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Simplified Process

We offer a simple solution to upload and complete applications via our web-enabled technology.  You are provided with 24/7 access to our platform to track and manage applications, track commissions and dashboard reporting so you can provide real-time updates to your clients.


Drive Growth

Our technology and processes create efficiencies so you can focus on growing sales. We offer up to 70% revenue share to our valued recruiters

Power Your Business

Searchable database of a wide range of online and study abroad programs from leading international institutions.

We offer 24/7 access to our platform which allows you to start and track applications, receive automated notifications and access reporting.

You can increase your access to more programs and modalities to expand sales and revenues.


Catalyst GEM is a tech-driven solution to help international recruiters increase service levels and grow revenues.

Gain Access To Leading Institutions

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Not a Recruiter? You Can Still Earn Commission

Do you know people interested in studying in other countries? You can help spread the word about Catalyst GEM, and also get rewarded for your efforts.

  • Anyone May Participate: Our referral program is open to everyone including: teachers, counselors, and students.
  • Earn Commission: Participants earn 70% of the enrollment fee for qualified enrollments.
  • Free Registration: There is no fee to join and no minimum quotas for earning commission through the program.

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