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Based in the USA, we provide international students with free access to our global admissions platform. Upon registration, you can search and filter thousands of programs, manage your applications, access scholarships, student loans, and more. Our team of trained counselors are on hand to support you throughout the process.

To get started, it takes just a minute to complete our STUDY ABROAD ASSESSMENT to gain access to our platform. Access to our platform is free, without obligation.

We're based in the USA. Why that matters to you:

Our Counselors can provide you with first-hand experience about studying in the USA.
We understand how to match you with institutions and programs that best fit your needs and budget.
Our Counselors are held to the highest standards and are highly motivated to help you make the right decisions.

What We Provide

We combine technology and people to provide international students with the ability to navigate all aspects of the international admissions process, and make the right decisions about their future.


Freemium Platform Access

We provide students with free access to use our platform.  Search and filter 1000’s of education programs in leading destinations.  You can then upload, track, and manage your applications in a highly secure environment 24/7.


Financial Support

Access merit based tuition scholarships offered by our client institutions. We also offer access to unsecured, international student loans to support studying in the USA.


Counseling Support

Access on-demand support from qualified, trained counseling staff based in the USA, and in a number of international markets.

Cost Savings

We save students money.  Access preferential rates for virtual internships, digital textbook subscriptions, and much more.

Gain Access To Leading Institutions

Choose Your Destination

In addition to the USA, we also provide access to study options in Canada, UK and other countries.


Work Experience Without Limits

Guaranteed remote work experience with a host company in your preferred career field, alongside personalized support + coaching, and access to an award-winning professional development hub.

 International students who sign up for the Catalyst GEM platform can benefit from discounted rates on this program.

International Student Loan Options

Through our partner MPOWER Financing, we provide access to no-collateral international student loans to finance tuition, housing and food.


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