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Millions of international students are now pursuing higher education overseas each year. However, finding the right institution and navigating the journey is complex. As a result, most will seek the services of a local education agent. If you are not currently working with education agents, you limit your ability to reach international students and scale enrollment. Identifying suitable agents that will provide access to quality applicants for your institution can be a challenge

Our Process

Our team has decades of experience selecting, managing, and supporting agent networks. We have direct access to reputable agents and testing centers with proven track records of supporting high- quality international students. To drive growth, they seek new relationships with colleges and universities in the USA to increase their portfolio of options. We will initially reach out to these agents and introduce your institution to determine if they have a market for your offerings. If there is a match, we can then support the process of introduction and collection of documents to support the agency contract and help facilitate the training and onboarding process. This helps eliminate time and effort and removes the risk of hiring low-quality partners who can cause reputational damage to your brand.

Pricing Model

We tailor our solution to each client available budget and market expansion goals. We offer short-term and long-term engagement options, including agent network development, contract implementation, training, and sales management.

International Education Agents typically operate on a performance basis, meaning you will only pay a commission for each successful enrollment. Agents will offer regular opportunities for you to connect with prospective applicants via virtual and in-country events (paid and unpaid).

Next Steps

Use the link below to schedule an initial consultation so we can fully understand your current activities, market goals, and budget. We will then provide a custom proposal to meet your marketing and enrollment objectives.

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