Grow and Diversify Your Student Enrollments and Revenues

Institutions face increasing pressure to sustain enrollments and revenues.  COVID-19 has now further impacted this problem.  On the other hand, developing countries are set to generate an additional 800M high school graduates and 150M university graduates over the next decade?  Does your institution have a plan?

Catalyst GEM International Enrollment Solution

We provide institutions with the ability to access global markets and connect with qualified applicants.


Global Outreach

Our platform provides institutions with the ability to reach international markets and expand sales channels.


Expanded Team

We become an important extension of your current team and efforts.  Our team has extensive experience and expertise in scaling global enrollment for institutions. 


Driving Results

We are highly data driven, and our focus is on providing data and reporting which will help our clients make better decisions and increase conversion rates.

International Student Enrollment Solution

You will process applicants from qualified candidates who are seeking institutions that match your profile.

Our platform allows you to process, manage and track applications and connect directly with applicants.

We aim to increase the volume of international applicants and enrollments for your institution, and provide you with data and reporting which will help you improve decision making and increase conversion rates.


Our goal is simple: to enable educational institutions to reach a global market of qualified students.

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Global Education Market Expansion

The study abroad market is growing every year and expected to increase to 7M students by 2030. With vaccines becoming available, now is the perfect time to think global and reduce the effect COVID-19 had on enrollment.

  • Global Education Expenditure: Global Expenditure on education to increase from $4.7 to $10 trillion by 2030.
  • Global K-12 Market Expansion: Additional 800 million K-12 graduates and 150 million post-secondary graduates projected (mainly from developing countries).
  • Online Education Growth: Global online education market set to almost double from $187 billion (2019) to $316 billion (2025).

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